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Why anipea?
Most of the things I relate to is anime and this word has been widely used in any anime related sites: e.g. anime+this or anime+that or ani+xxx? I wanted something short to remember and easy to pronounce. I like green and frog first came to my mind but it didn't really connect well. I tried other vegetables name and pea has the right ring to it. Splendid; a perfect fit. And so I decided.

Why a web links site?
As usual I will google high and low for animes' informations, be it reviews, synopsis, ratings, pictures, wallpapers, skins and etc, etc, etc. And those links that I wanted to keep for future references got stuck-up with my favourites... I lost control! Then I started this web links collection site with huge range of animes and mangas site. It out-grown so much til... I can't recall the last anime I watched or the last manga I read. It somehow expanded to my other obsessions and more to come.
Where did I host my site?
Well, it was at surpasshosting.com. I'm with them since December 2003. I find them so far so good although there's some glitches at times. But well, there's nothing 100% perfect, right?
What did I use for layout?
Just the ordinary notepad with dreamweaver and photoshop. I use FireFox browser, so i try to avoid using those fancy scripts written for IE. I can't remember well but I think this is the third layout I'd done. The previous themes was one with soothing green and the second all black. I thought I wanted to do black again with reds for next layout?!
+ m e +

Who is that person?
I guess it's not surprising for people who want to know the person maintaining this site. It's kinda rare for that someone not introducing themselves in any sites you see out there. I may be the odd one. ^.^

Tarap is an abnormal anime/manga obsessed freak who likes to hole-up at home. Tarap have a range of collections of model kits, likes to blast rock music ~mostly jp and often stick oneself to the computer. Just recently Tarap wants to cosplay and hope to be part of streetfest and cosfest after observing for years.

Where's the contact page?
That's the fun part, no way to contact me?; but hey, I left that tag-board, guest book and a forum; isn't that good enough? :p
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